David Baranya :: A successful resumption!

A successful resumption!

David Baranya and his partner took the 13th place on the Latin-American Dances National Championship

David Baranya and Kata Gulyas got the honorable 13th place on the Latin-American Dances National Championship in such a strong competition which included the names of not less than Maurizio Vescovo and Melinda Torokgyorgy (1.), Andrea Silvestri and Martina Varadi (2.), Robert Magyari and Agnes Szalai (3.), we could list them all the forty-nine pairs since Hungary's finest dance sport members competed on 3rd of November.

David Baranya is a very versatile dancer. He was seen on a talent contest by that a whole country has got to know him and identified his name with the contemporary dance. He had the opportunity to try himself in a worthy artist, Barta Dora's group and his talent was also welcomed by the world of musicals.

Now, he was able to show his skills on the dance floor and has proven to all that he wasn’t unfaithful even for a moment to his "sweetheart" of his youth, the Latin dancing. He got in the multi-round competition to the semi-final with his dance partner and thus achieved the thirteenth place which can be considered a very good performance after one and a half year hiatus. The competitor couple proved themselves sending the message to all dance-fans that it is worth to pay attention to them!

David and Kata could leave with satisfaction from the competition called "Austrotherm Cup 2007" as they achieved their set target. The resumption was successful! They continue the trainings as they left off before the contest as many other competitions are waiting for them. These events’ date will be available earliest on www.baranyadavid.com website.

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