David Baranya :: Also starred films the dancer of Szolnok

Also starred films the dancer of Szolnok

David Baranya is on stage till September in Germany but in the meantime he puts back on his vampire costume in Budapest as well. We asked the dancer of Szolnok about his last year and this year plans.

I consider my last year successful – he began. – Many things happen to me, I took part in several shows. The dominant show of 2008 was clearly the Dance of the Vampires but I had the chance to work with Dora Barta on Romeo and Juliette, a series of outdoor show, I could take part in two recently released films, the Cameleon and in Made in Hungaria and in the meantime I was preparing during the summer my first own contemporary dance evening show together with Dorottya Újszászi.

This year, from April until October both artists are going to be on stage on the board of the Royal Caribbean International ship, the "Splendour of the Seas".In September of last year I returned to the "civilian" life because I sat back in the classroom again, of course speaking only figuratively, since it is impossible to visit the classes in person but I've done the first-half year term. My family and supporters help me in everything so it isn’t so hard that way.

And what are you going to come up with this year?

There are many things coming in 2009 - continued David. - In summer, the musical is played in the Hungarian Theatre for which tickets are already on sale. From autumn to spring the play is going to move to Belgium. The Hungarian show with its Centaur settings, costumes is entirely adapted by the Flemings. This has never occurred in the 10 years history of the performance. It is a significant achievement, recognition for the creators of home performance and the country. Personally, it makes me feel very good. There is a jubilee show-series is coming from September. True, not on homeland, in the neighboring Austria, but “blood is going to be spilt” as the musical will be played in Vienna again.

The place where the play began its conquering journey ten years ago and now returns. The vampires are loved in Europe even throughout the world and Vienna replay is a good example of that. There are also preparations for spring and autumn but these projects are still under negotiations, so I can not say anything sure however my website is regularly updated to get everyone informed in time.

And what does it mean in your life? Can we see you back in Vienna or Brussels?

It would be difficult to predict but nothing is impossible. What is sure that I play until September 27 of the year in Germany and again this summer at home in Budapest in the Dance of the Vampires and our next time I can talk more about the future.

When last time you were home you took part in a tournament. Can you tell us about that?

I took part in the Solo-Duo International Dance Festive but I wouldn’t call it a tournament it was more of an intensive dance course. I had there a good time, learned a lot again and I enjoyed dancing very much. I met many talented artists and a lot of friends. These two days passed by in gaiety although I had to tackle with a violent cold.

What did you deal with apart from the competition? Did you find the time for something else as well?

Unfortunately not. I had to divide up all of my time into a minute punctually while I was at home. I prepared for the festival, I performed in the Dance of the Vampires and between I had to study for my exams. My days at home were only just a rush. I was able to go only two times home and one of the visiting was only a half-day long. I was not really able to rest.

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