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Dance of the Vampires – the first theatre show financed by privat funds - season of 2007 has come to its end. The show was on the stage with a great success in the Hungarian Theatre since 30th of June. The season finale was the occasion of a common interview with the two starring dancers of the main characters of the musical – the Black and the White Vampires - AkosTihanyi and David Baranya of Szolnok.

How does it feel to reach the end of a series of success?

AKOS TIHANYI (Black Vampire): It is a fantastic thing! We invested a great amount of work and effort into the three month preparation period and into each of the show. It is not a usual thing in Hungary that a show is played for so long, usually it is put in the programs for five times. Compared to this we have played this show 42 times in this season. Addition to that it is my fourth season of the Dance of the Vampires, so the show didn’t give me much newness, only that we played this season in Hungarian.

DAVID BARANYA (White Vampire): It is an extraordinary feeling for many reasons. First maybe because it was the first time I played in a musical. I enjoyed every minute of it and it is a very good feeling to be part of such a big show. I really liked the genre itself as well. I learned so much, my skills are enhanced and it was great to feel the love of the audience night by night. I would like to thank everyone from here. In the other hand the opportunity was special for me, the chance to be on stage together with Akos Tihanyi. I could thank him a lot because he always supported and helped my work. It was a great pleasure to work with him.

Did you receive any feedback on your personal performance or in connection with your work?

Mr Tihanyi: Yes, absolutely! From the audience we have got a lot indeed. It is very rare here in Hungary to have every night almost 1000 people standing ovation. This is what we say it was worth to do! The audience must receive what they came for, must be entertained! If they feel like laughing, let them so, if they want to cry then make them cry. The matter is to make their night richer by one more great experience. I think we have achieved that goal the play wouldn’t be so successful otherwise.

Mr Baranya: I would like to add to this that luckily the media showed the same opinion about the play. There were articles and news about the show. These spread a good reputation all over the country; they said how spectacular and grandiose the show was. We must not forget about our fans that were waiting for us after the shows and surrounded us by their love and later told their family and friends all about it… For instance, I met a good lady yesterday who enjoyed the play for the 20th times. No more of words should be added to that.

Before started to work together, did you know about each other’s work?

Mr. Tihanyi: Of course! I knew who he was. When he came to the casting – where I was part of the casting team – I knew exactly that he was David Baranya from Mega Dance, what was a fantastic show. I feel sorry that in my time – as there is about ten years between us – there was no such opportunity. I had no chance to dance in such a TV show and to acquire such popularity as a dancer. It is a fantastic thing...

Mr. Baranya: I met his name first when my friend Laci Barczi mentioned his name related to a forming choreography. Next time I only heard about him on the casting but there we could meet in person. Thanks to him I could dance on the casting because I was late for one and a half an hour.

Mr Tihanyi: Yes. Dennis Callahan, the choreographer was leading the trial dance. I told him that he must let David in. It was true that he was late because of a tour but he must see him dancing because I knew exactly that role was perfect for him. I knew because I played this show many times and the character is just a same as David.

How did you start the common work?

Mr. Tihanyi: We have rehearsed a lot! In fact the work got easier because I got a professional partner next to me. I really like to work with pros and David is one. This cannot be learned, someone is born to be a native or not. With him the work got easy, I had some partners in the shows abroad but I can tell you he is far better than any of them!

Mr. Baranya: I felt no difficulties because we created a very good working partnership, you can say friendship from the very beginning abd it made everything easier.

Mr Tihanyi: Exactly! If there is no such partnership the creative atmosphere is missing and the work is hard. I’m glad he said that. This is how I feel too exactly.

Mr Baranya: The responsibility was great because I already knew who I was working with. I knew it was not the first Dance of the Vampires in his life and also I knew I wanted to be equal to the task. I think I made it and I think it is a good proof that the audience gave us a standing applause at the end of every show!

Were there difficulties at the rehearsals and the performances in your common work?

Mr. Baranya: Difficulties? Maybe not to laugh when any little mistake occurred. It was hard to keep it back sometimes because both of us can laugh on anything.

Mr. Tihanyi: I also cannot remember any other. Unfortunately, I can burst into laugh very easily on rehearsals. Now, how can you not to… ? I had to be very careful because if anything like that happened we had to hide it well from the director.

Mr. Baranya: Everything just went well. There weren’t serious mistakes. We always could perform on the level we were expected. We had to perform on 100% because if no one else but the director would have noticed that.

What is it you respect most in each other?

Mr. Tihanyi: I like the professionals! The fact that somebody so young can be called a professional, that is absolutely remarkable. Perhaps I can call him that with all ten years of experience behind me. Here is an example: never happened that he was lazy or wouldn’t perform on 100%. He performs always the same no matter how tired he is. Otherwise, it's the genre, but all of them are, that require this, he goes up to the stage and he is the dance artist! No more is needed. Many cannot state this about themselves. He is an open person who is not afraid of telling what he thinks. He expresses when he notices any wrong thing or something isn’t right. He has my respect for that!

Mr. Baranya: I got very similar thoughts in my mind about Akos. I would like to add that I respect him for what he has achieved. It is remarkable where did he started and where did he got, half of Europe knows his name, they know who Akos Tihanyi is, who that artist is, who that choreographer is who is actually special as a man as well. I thank to him for everything!

Can the audience see you on stage together again in the near future?

Mr. Tihanyi: I think yes, here in Hungarian Theatre from December 31th to January 13th, and next in May. Unfortunately, I don’t know about anything else right now. In autumn, I'm going abroad for a few months. But we hope for the best that a few directors had seen the play and we made them think about!

Mr. Baranya: I hope too!

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