David Baranya :: David Baranya will step on the stage in Berlin

David Baranya will step on the stage in Berlin

David Baranya has signed a two month contract on playing in the Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires) musical Berlin shows by the invitation of the 111-year-old Theater des Westens.

How did you get in contact with this musical?

The management of the show called me asking to dance in the group of the show. It is a big thing because everywhere in the world there were very thorough castings to fill the roles. It was true for the Hungarian Ball of the Vampires as well where we had a three round casting and the final team had been chosen from over than 750 artists.

How did it feel when you have learned you were invited? Did you undertake it immediately?

I was very happy but I didn’t undertake it right away. I hesitated a little since I had other things that were very important as well. But finally I decided to take it.

When did you go and when is going to be your first show there?

I flew on the 17th of January and the premier is going to be on the 29th so I have about one and a half week to be prepared. Now what I really have to practice is singing as I am a dancer not a singer.

What is your plan after your contract ends?

My contract ends at the end of March and then I'll return home and continue competitive dancing what I have played down a little lately. My plan is to go on practicing even there in Berlin as I really need it. Continue dancing on competitions and since the Ball of the Vampires continues in June I shall go back on stage.

Can this be known when the audience of Szolnok can see you on stage again?

It is a mystery for now. So far I hadn’t much chance to perform here but we will see how it changes.

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