David Baranya :: We perform well in Mega Dance

We perform well in Mega Dance

One from our own county got through the semi-finals of the popular talent contest

Our county is represented by David Baranya of Szolnok in the latest talent contest show of TV2, the Mega Dance. This young man has already got into group of the best 14 competitors.

One of our young talents got through the selection of Mega Dance show without a hitch. We could reach this young, 20 years old man of Szolnok, David Baranya for an interview between two rehearsals. He was gladly willing to tell us about his plans, dreams and love of dancing. - I could talk about it for hours. Though I have no time for it now as we are just in between two rehearsals – David began his story.

The talent searching TV shows are getting more and more popular. First our attention was attracted by the talented singers of Szolnok in Mega Star and then Mega Dance started. A young talented dancer caught our attention now.

What are your chances to go for the first prize of the contest?

Here we all have the sort of chance to take the first place. It was not an accident to got up till here to anyone - says David, with some modesty in his voice. – To be selected to the best 14 was hard but it will be even harder to be tough enough until the end. That might be somewhere in the middle of December.

With what family background you have entered this contest? Are your relatives and friends supportive?

I live with my mother in Szolnok, she is my best supporter. She was the happiest when I was selected.

How did you get in your mind to enter this show?

I was abroad when the TV announced it. We were on tour in Germany with Budapest Ballet. We have been discussing it with my mother over the phone and she told she would have entered me for that competition. That time I thought why not. Then there were times when I had doubts if this would good for me. I wasn’t able to manage to be on the tons of rehearsals and do my work as well. So I quit for what I am very sorry. After all I can see now that it was worth to do.

What are your current goals? Do you wish to continue to deal with the dance or is there something else more attractive?

My primary goal is to impove in my professional as much as I can. It would be very important to make people know and love the dance. We should draw their attention towards the dance so they wouldn’t focus only the heavy physical sports.

How do you feel, do Mega Dance give you all the opportunities of development and proving yourself what you want?

Absolutely. We are drained doing so much training every day. When I got my place within the first 40 there was a 10 day camp for preparation where we had five choreographers working with us. Of course, we had to be equal to their expectations. Only that alone was a big challenge for me because not all the styles are close to me. Besides that it is very important to make good relationships. It counts so much if my talent is recognized.

What style you represent in dancing?

Basically, I love Latin-American dances and I entered for many competitions during past years. Counting all it is about 10 years since I have been dancing already. Started in Szolnok where I began a Latin-American dance course. Later I moved to Budapest where I graduated at dance art special highschool. To be honest it is only the hip-hop dance what can challenge me. I otherwise love to meet new dance styles.

Do you have a permanent dance partner currently?

Since 2002 we have been working together with Kata Gulyas who I met at highschool. Since then, the past four years were perfectly enough to get used to work together. We have achieved great successes. We were Budapest champions twice, once on the Student Olympics we took the third place. That was the only time we could stand on the third place in a national competition.

What about the performance tomorrow? May we know some small details?

In contrast to last week's waltz we'll dance something a little more dynamic. We are going to dance Charleston. To learn it was interesting because it is a completely unknown dance for me with a completely new choreography. But I hope everything goes just all right.

What do you know about the prizes? If you won the grand prize of the show, what would the award be?

A three-month scholarship in New York, where we can take part on courses.

Are there any who would like to thank their support to?

First of all, I would like to thank my mother for her persistence. On the other hand, I hoped a little that the city can get some good publicity. After all Szolnok deserves a little ebullience. Something that makes people be surprised. It could be the dance. We'll see.

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