David Baranya :: Hungarian Vampire in Oberhausen

Hungarian Vampire in Oberhausen

How do your feel that the Dance of the Vampires of Oberhausen now is on stage? Is it equal to your expectations?

I feel very good. I can relax a bit :-). Much of my time has been freed that I am going to advantageously fill. I prepare for my six-month exams but I spare some time for fun as well. I’m planning my future and preparing for the homeland performance in my head and a contemporary dance onto a competition which is set on the second week of a January in Budapest. I keep myself busy.

So is the play equal to my expectations? Yes :-), but I can only hope that this is so on the other way as well. The praises are not really given here I am not patted on the back every evening fro how good I was. This is natural here. When I took on the invitation I knew well what had been waited for me as I already had the experience after Berlin performances. I accepted this but the fact is I miss the homely atmosphere.

How different are the Hungarian and the foreign country performance?

The directing and the choreography are quasi the same. There are visible differences in the sceneries, costumes and make-up. The stage colleagues approached the play in an entirely different, more modern way. The home performance provides a more authentic medium for the age thank to the differences mentioned before but both performances have their own magic. Both could be loved. I like the German and the home plays equally but maybe the Budapest one is the closest to me. :-)

"How exhausting was the rehearsal period? How did you spend your days?

We had been working extremely hard and they were very hard on us. Delays, relaxing were unimaginable. I believe that this period wore everybody down on some kind of level even if not more than physically. I dropped into the bed every night like a carcass, exactly like a good vampire :-). The rehearsals lasted until late evenings from the morning with one day off a week. It was really an exhausting period.

Saturday was like a Tuesday and Sunday as of Thursday. No matter what day it was, we still did the same thing. We were rehearsing and sleeping. It was not time for anything else. I had a very hard time to keep in touch with my family, my girlfriend and my friends. Usually, I’ve got home at night when they were already sleeping. It was difficult but now it is much easier.

How much had been the team forged together? How is your relationship with other players?

Very.! We have artists from 10 countries, from Brasil to Hungary – let me mention here that we are the most, seven altogether. ☺ -, and the atmosphere is just pretty good! We're spending free time together a lot, not only in the theater but also outside of the theater. We are planning common programs. This is how we went out twice already to a karaoke party together to a nearby nightclub. We had lots of fun and these times I come to realize how great singers are destiny drove to us. People usually fall off in total shock when they step on the stage and begin to sing. It’s very funny to see the surprised faces. My relationship is very good with everyone from the janitor to the artists I get along well with everybody.

Personally, which one is your favorite scene from the play?

I can not highlight any of the scenes because the whole is a single unit. However, from the dancing parts the grand finale I like the best. I would be able to tell you why really. It's just a very good feeling. The feeling what has to be lived. I’m doing this every night and it feels so good while dancing.

What are your plans in your life (either as a vampire or in other areas)?

I don’t really like to talk about my plans as nothing is permanent and everything is changing so fast nowdays. All I can tell you, however, that I have a lot of ideas and plans for the future but for now I keep them for myself and close friends. But what I can tell you gladly is that I continue this year the Dance of the Vampires at home and in Germany, next year I will focus on my current contracts which bind me to Metronom Theater September 2009. The rest we'll see. Let it be a surprise. :-)

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