David Baranya :: He loves more the performance in Pest

He loves more the performance in Pest

David Baranya became known by the general audience in the Mega Dance show. Altough David didn’t win the contest he got immense popularity and reputation thank to the show.

Shortly after the Mega Dance not only the viewers but also the theater audience could have got to know him. First he got a role at home in the musical of Dance of the Vampires and recently he received the starring dance role of the Berlin show as well. We could have a talk with David when he recently visited home for three days.

How do you feel back at home again?

It is always great to be home. I spent a month in Berlin with no break, I deserve some rest.

Did you long for home?

I love to be home. When I am away I miss my family, my friends. I asked for a break with the purpose of dropping home for a few days.

You danced in the Dance of Vampires here at home as well. Is there a difference between the two shows?

Endeed we are talking about the same show yet there are slight differences between them. There are things that better over there but there are others that better here. In Hungary, the company, the team is much friendlier. We have a family-like atmosphere. In Berlin everything is a lot more military like because of the German mentality. Nevertheless, both productions are just as lovable. I like the costumes more at home but the choreography is pretty much the same.

Both shows are loveable yet can you make any difference? Do you like any of them more than the other?

I love both equally but the show in Budapest is closer to my heart.

How did you get to Berlin?

We heard about in summer with Akos Tihanyi (choreographer, dancer – the editor.), that the show in Berlin was going to continue and dancers were searched for that. We went on a casting to Vienna and finally we got a call to get a contract. Akos went there first and I was called around October and they were going to extend the show on stage and I was welcome if I feel like to go.

The show will be on stage until March 30 in Berlin. What will happen next?

I’ll dance in the play in Hungary from early June and in August and in January as well. More than that I cannot tell you now, everything is going to unravel when I get home.

Could you ever live your life in two places? Are you planning to work abroad in the near future?

I don’t have a plan yet, as I do not know if I am ever going to have such a chance. If I got a good offer, it is more likely I would undertake it.

How big is the opportunity for the Hungarian dancers to find a job abroad?

I think they’d have the opportunity. Hungarian dancers are very skilled anywhere in the world they are equal to the task.

Did it boost your career that you have appeared in the Mega Dance?

I really liked the show but it did not really help much.

Do you keep in touch with the other dancers in the show?

There are two or three people with whom we speak but I don’t keep a very close relationship with anyone. And you see, I wouldn’t be able to even see them now.

In the future, will you continue to move to the direction of the theater or the other way would you rather go on?

I love the theater but besides that I don’t want to forget the Latin dance competitions either. There are other contemporary dance plans of me but about these I wouldn’t like to talk yet.

How a dancer can make his own living today in our country? Musicians and actors gig.

It is likewise with the dancers. There is phone call coming, good because it means job, but if the call doesn’t come you are in trouble. Maybe those who have place in the theatres are in an easier situation but it is not necessarily easier.

Are there any invitations you would not take?

There are. There was a time when I took everything. But circumstances are important for me. If there is not enough space for the dance I wouldn’t take it. In the case where the place isn’t adequate it feels not so well to dance therefore the viewer won’t enjoy the show either.

Is your life about only the dance?

I have other plans too. I wish to continue studying next term.

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