David Baranya :: Neither with nor without

Neither with nor without

  • David Baranya with Dorottya Ujszaszi

    David Baranya with Dorottya Ujszaszi

  • Never with Nor Withot

    Never with Nor Withot

  • David Baranya latin and modern dance

    David Baranya

  • Dorottya Ujszaszi latin and modern dance

    Dorottya Ujszaszi

On the 17th of August, Sunday at 22:00 in Szaszhalombatta – in the programm of the Summerfest International Dance Festival – One body, two spirits dance performance is shown. Dancers: David Baranya and Dorottya Ujszsaszi.

The play is about a passionate, a neither with nor without him relationship’s chapters, shown from the point of view of the woman. The entire play is a layer but the more curious the viewer the more layers they can discover as the play has its depth. An intricate maze unfolds before your eyes from which – you might think - there is no way out, or is there after all? The body, if it wants, can get out of its own labyrinth but before it can it smartly and thematically tries over all the options then sooner or later it can breathe freely because it’s got out.

The labyrinth of the soul is a lot more complex, a lot more complicated, it condenses multi-dimensions and the orientation is very difficult. We make the audience see every color of emotion, biology, ego, karma or the pure love, precisely at a time when they want to live it. However, if you get lost, can not find a way out, let it go and let your senses follow our dance. The aura and the lights of our movements, emotions lead the way out of the maze because this lasting relationship within we are on the stage, is all about it from the beginning to the end.

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