David Baranya :: Ballroom Fever

"Ballroom Fever"

  • David Baranya with Darók Petra Ballroom Fever

    David Baranya with Darók Petra Ballroom Fever

  • David Baranya with Darók Petra

    David Baranya with Darók Petra

David Baranya pays homage to his old “love” again, the Latin-American dances

David Baranya continues his carrier in USA where he begins his six-week preparation to one of a great successful shows of the Royal Caribbean Productions, the Ballroom Fever.

The artist just got back home last September from Stuttgart. He spent two years in Germany where he roled the White Vampire in the very successful Ball of vampires show. After moving back home took part in several productions but he concentrated most to rest. He was seen on the X-Factor talent show and the homeland management of the musical Dance of the Vampires also invited him to put on his costume again and play in the show for a few weeks among the vampires and of course, he was more than happy to say yes before departure. David however doesn’t have to fly across the ocean alone. His colleague, Lajos Turi goes with him, who also playes a role in this show and so they together can step on the stage again to entertain the audience.

This year, from April until October both artists are going to be on stage on the board of the Royal Caribbean International ship, the "Splendour of the Seas".

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