David Baranya :: David Baranya: There is audience to what I do

David Baranya: There is audience to what I do

Baranya, national treasure – this is what Gabor Kevehazi said about him in Mega Dance show and Tamas Juronics, the leader of Szegedi Balett offered him a job. Only these are already remarkable not to mention that he is hardly over his age of 19.

You look quite tired...

Yes, you know everyone has better and worse periods in life, when we have injuries or we are a little more tired than usual...

Do you feel overworked?

No, if someone dances in a group they work even more. So, I don’t want to make others pity us. Otherwise the fact that we are running around here and there, of course, has its downsides.

You worked for Budapest Ballet as well...

I danced there for a year and we played a great show with them, a grandiose dance show based on Seasons of Vivaldi.

Did you dance the same choreography in Mega Dance too?

No, it was a different choreography; this one was what my teacher taught me some time ago.

You danced only ballet before?

Yes, I had ballet lessons daily for 4-5 years but the main line wasn’t that.

How long do you know you want to be a dancer?

Since about my age of 14. That was the time I came to Budapest, you know I’m from Szolnok. I went to a special dance artist highschool where they launched a Latin American Dance department and that what I wanted to develop as much as possible – as I have been studying that since my age of 10

You can not really lose in this show, as Tamas Juronics offered you a job at Szegedi Balett.

This is certainly a big deal that he said so, although we haven’t talked about it yet, I know only that much as everyone else does. I really don’t know if I am going to make it.

When you dance your own choreography the Latin orientation is not really shown in it. Rather, you represent an alternative line.

Yes, this genre is called art jazz. Fortunately, it has its audience already. I found in this and in the Latin dances that what really means dance for me. I can see the energy and difficulties in every genre.

Where can you imagine youself out of dance?

I don’t know yet what I would do. What I know that I want to dance, that’s for sure but I don’t know which way I should move on.

You always choose a different choreography than others.

Yes, it is important for me the dance to be special. Now, I dance solo again my thoughts are back to this style again because I feel I am good enough in it. Still I need to learn a lot.

Ballet isn’t a so popular style. Did you expect to be so successful in Mega Dance with it?

I had a kind of a dislike of television and also others told me that but looking back I think I was right even if we see that I got into the finals. Par example, Tamas Juronics looks at my dance on a different way for sure.

Do you live alone?

If you talk about family, yes I don’t live with my mother. I have a brother who also lives in Budapest, in a college and I live at my good friend’s.

Can you make a living out if dance?

I had to leave the group because of the TV show but I think about it as the life brought this to me. I was told to choose and my decision was the Mega Dance show. I would have been able to go the rehearsals so I can understand this decision all right.

Then you have left all behind...

Yes, but I think with this show there will be new doors would open before me and for sure everything will be all right as it was before.

Did the show make changes in your private life?

Basically didn’t. I live in a young but very stable relationship and even I can believe sometimes that I dance in a TV show. If someone came to the show because of the dance he didn’t change. The only difference is that you’ll be well-known.

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