David Baranya :: David Baranya and Kata Gulyas won the gold medal

David Baranya and Kata Gulyas won the gold medal

Huge applause accompanied their dance, they have enjoyed the love of the audience

David Baranya and Kata Gulyas, by the unanimous decision of the competition judges, won the IX. Bem Cup.

David and Kata not the pair with whom the viewer can frequently meet on competitions. In Hungary they recently (2007) entered to the Latin American Dance National Championships in Gyor. After a half year hiatus they stepped again on the dance floor first and took the 13th place. Now once again they danced in front of the judges after nearly a four-month break and acquired the first place on the IX. Bem cup. The competition was accompanied by thunderous applause throughout their dance and they really enjoyed the love of the audience.

"It was great to dance again. We have been training and preparing a lot for this competition. With Kata, we had use every single minute since I was abroad for two and a half months. Despite all these we have managed to be ready in four months – thanks to Andrea Silvestri, we are very thankful for it! All the time we were having fun on the competition although sometimes we felt uncertainties. However, I think what could be done in that short time we have brought the maximum out of it! We will continue training and getting ready for the next contest. It is true we do not know where or when but we hope that we can compete again soon. "- David Baranya said after the cup.

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